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Who is Ray-Ban sunglasses of the classic style, how to choose the right.

The following will be introduced to you. Aviator Ray-Ban classic sunglasses can be said to be one of the most classic style of Ray-Ban, sales and evaluation are also

Pretty good, the use of ultra light metal frame and colorful reflective mirror design, can effectively resist ultraviolet damage to the eyes, nose, lens: 57.5mm

Spacing of 14mm, leg length 135mm, the glasses for men and women, with glasses and glass cloth, originating in the United states.

So how to choose the right choice! Rayban classic Aviator sunglasses, then from the previous year launched a stunning bright collocation, immediately added variable height values Yan

Equipment, star fan children full. No matter where is dad to go before, or run male, and Zhi Ling sister in mood sister little meat, let this

Glasses of high heat. With the previous Gilt flash purchase explosion models compared to recent Meiya discount gratifying, a variety of Ray Ban RB3025 star line version price as low as 50 percent off. Moreover, the lens from the most small 55mm to the maximum number of 62mm readily available, there will be a suitable for you. No summer sunglasses Meiya summary! Not everything goes to Yan scared four! Simple and rough sea Sunglasses

Rayban Sunglasses with polarized and non polarized versions available.

Polarized lenses can effectively avoid the diffuse reflection glare into, let you see the scene feel more transparent, the disadvantage is when the mobile phone screen will be shining

Feeling (iPhone 7 is not the problem.) , the price is also slightly higher.

Non polarized lenses are cheap, easy to adapt to the field of vision.

Select 5 good pepper price Rayban Aviator sunglasses, according to my preference ranking, the row in front of the more want. Products are the United States since the Amazon

Camp, no fakes of danger.

Size suggestion:

Rayban sunglasses are completely in accordance with the size of the lens to show. The lens width from small to large is 55mm, 58mm, 62mm. Need to try to wear and can not find

To local students, their gestures with a ruler, want to consider the effect of. Not necessarily face to buy a small, but big face really big.