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Why are so many people infatuated with Pandora bracelets? Circle of friends selling Pandora charms?

Circle of friends is not sold, that is, in the sun Pandora bracelet in the end what
charm? Is the world’s third largest selling jewelry brand, Pandora charms
Why does Latin America attract consumers all over the world?
Pandora favorite jewelry among the sisters, the spread of such a sentence: “one into the
pan, the door is deep, like the sea, one by one, then buy.”.” Pandora per bead, the unit
price is not expensive, want to string a bracelet, that also have to scrap a lot of
Pandora (Greek: Pandora, PI alpha Delta V alpha rho, also translated as Pandora) is the
first woman in Greek mythology Cohim phaestus with clay, as punishment for stealing fire
Plo Michel J, the first woman to man. The gods to make her more attractive and charming
gift: Vulcan Hephaestus made a gorgeous gold gown for her love; Venus gave her charming
and tempting the strength of a man; footed messenger Hermes taught her verbal skills.
Every one of the gods gave her a gift, but only Athena refused to give her wisdom, so
Pandora acted without thinking.
According to the British Museum had hidden a white Kylix (ancient Greek wine a binaural
shallow mouth that Pandora) another name is “Annis Dora” (Anesidora), meaning “to send
gifts to her”. Her name came from the box in her hand. The spouse is E Amicius.
Fairy tale
Also known as Pandora box, Pandora box. It is said that the God of fire made the first
woman on earth with clay, Pandora, who gave Pandora many gifts, beauty, intelligence and
curiosity…… But one of the most dangerous gift is a beautiful box. Once the box was
opened, all in chaos mana spirits will come out and do harm to the world.
Although the gods warned Pandora don’t open the box, but Pandora ultimately no audience
God preaching in the strong curiosity, she finally opened the box. Although she promptly
closed the box, but the spirits of the whole world has been in a flash from the box was
released from flooding into chaos. Later, the “Pandora box” brings the gift of
misfortune: disaster.
Pandora history
The Danish Pandora jewelry brand jewelry (Pandora) for creating high-quality jewelry
through the permanent charm swept the world, is the third largest global sales of
jewelry brand. Pandora jewelry (Pandora) to capture the unforgettable moments in life to
create a beautiful, magnificent, exquisite jewelry, which won the favor of consumers
around the world.
In 1982, Pandora jewelry (Pandora) established the first retail store in Copenhagen in
Denmark, now in 47 countries with more than ten thousand counters, including 260 Pandora
jewelry (Pandora) brand concept store. Pandora jewelry (Pandora) brand inspiration from
Greek mythology.
Plo Michel J (Prometheus) steal the Shenhuo to earth. Jose (Zeus) in retaliation for Plo
Michel J Heffes Toth, Vulcan command (Hephaestus) to create a beautiful woman Pandora
(Pandora), and let the gods give generously to make Pandora can be easily tempted to
mortals. The goddess Athena (Athena) gave Pandora gorgeous costumes, Eros Aphrodite
(Aphrodite) gave Pandora beauty, charm goddess who put a necklace created by Heffes Toth
gave pandora. Zeus gave Pandora a box, but she was forbidden to open it and sent her to
the earth. Pandora has a strong curiosity, she finally could not withstand the
temptation to open the box. As she looked in the box, all the diseases and demons that
later made human misery escape from the box. Fortunately, at last there were 1 wonderful
spirits in the box, representing hope and opportunity. Thus, Pandora jewelry (Pandora)
also represents luck and hope.
Pandora jewelry (Pandora) of the statistician Ron Frandsen and Alice Bess enrofloxacin
Larson, to help women achieve a crowd can still show excellent results, excellent
personality, let them through their own jewelry design, to express their individuality.
Pandora jewelry (Pandora) launched in 2000 Pandora popular pendant bracelet, which
achieved a major breakthrough. Thus, Pandora jewelry (Pandora) development changed
direction, turning a out of the ordinary concept of patents: self selected pendant and
bracelet, personalized Bracelet in any combination.